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T-rex in a mini forge?


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I'm back again to get some more of your invaluable input! As you may know I'm working on a freon mini forge and was trying to figure whether or not to get the T-rex burner from hybrid burners. I know the shorty is essentially built for this purpose but my plan is to move up to a larger forge in the near future and am hoping that I wont have to cough up another 150 buckaroos (I'm not made of money, in fact the opposite, I'm made of gaping holes in my wallet). Could I run the T-rex at 3-7psi and be hunky dory or are there flaws in this plan?


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Exactly how big will this mini-forge be?

Venturi burners are sensitive to back pressure, so they're not exactly one size fits all. I have a T-Rex. I found that it didn't run very well in an approx. 4" diameter by 12" tall vertical welding forge until I opened up more room for exhaust. It ran, but it ran rich (wastes fuel, potentially dangerous due to CO) and didn't get as hot as it should have.

Burners are simple to build, especially if you aren't trying to weld with them. Why not build a small burner for your small forge and save the T-Rex for the bigger stuff?

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Its about 5.5" in diameter and 12 inches long, though with an itc coating it might get down to 5.25 or smaller.

Then your ITC is thicker than the ITC I've seen!

The T-Rex is supposed to reach welding heat in 350 cubic inches or less. You're at around 285. Just give it a try. I bet you'll be fine.
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