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I'm new to BS so I have a couple of old hammers but looking for a true BS type of hammer. I've read about the hofi hammer and tom clark hammers etc. My question is has anyone bought and used the "hofi style" hammers from Black Smith Depot? I saw these and wonder about this statement-- "Blacksmiths Depot brand - designed with the beginner in mind. In order to keep the price low there may be less attention to squareness. The heads are softer thereby saving your other equipment". Should I just wait and get a real Hofi hammer later when I can afford a $100.00+ hammer? I will be buying the DVD by Hofi too.

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What Sam said or...

Go to the nearest flea market or yard sale offering tools.Buy a hammer head for a dollar or two(first hammer?I suggest 2-3 lbs in weight).After researching here and on other sites on the web and getting a good idea what a REAL hammer handle should look and act like go down to the local farm store and buy a replacement wood handle(with wood and metal wedges) slightly bigger around than what fits your hand and close to the best length for you(decided by research).Go a couple of aisles over and get either a"Four in hand" file or a rasp and a medium file and handles for them.
All this should cost the same or less than that Home Despot hammer.

Take all your new stuff home and modify that second hand hammer head as per Sam`s instructions.Fit the head to the handle after you have modified that handle to fit both your hammer head and your hand using the files and sandpaper as per your research.

Done deal and a better start than just going with a "one size fits nobody" store bought that you will promptly modify anyway.
Congrats,you just modified and assembled your first of many tools.

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Good advice, my first hammer was store bought and my second was a fifty cent swap meet hammer head and dollar handle that was my main hammer for thirty years. You bet I got a ton, maybe two of other hammers but I always come back to that old dollar-fifty hammer I put together long ago. Don't go spending a ton of money right off for a hammer, just go to a ranch and farm store or Home Depot like Sam suggested, save your money for more important things like a forge, anvil, coal, you know all the other good things you need.

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