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A beginning blacksmith

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I am fairly new to blacksmithing, I have been playing around with it for about a year. I have a few questions:

First, are there any smiths close by to me? I am located in Little Mountain SC.

Were do you get your coal and your steel from?

I just recently sent in my application for the guild, so I should be a member soon. I suppose I should show you some of my work. The following pictures are of a few things that I have made. Except for the power drill, I didn't use any electricity in the making of these.




Also you can check out the blog that I am keeping at http://becomingabladesmith.wordpress.com/

Thanks for looking, I am very interested in the craft and hope to keep on learning.

Hogan Baker

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Hogan - Welcome to IFI - There's lots of information within the site and amonst the members.

I have to compliment you on your post here..... you provided a general location, a desire to be more involved ( by way of joining a guild), and a few pictures of your work. This really helps to let others that do not know you - know were you're at as far as capabilities. This is not a requirement, but it sure helps for those who may want to reply to your questions - ask away. Jeremy K

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