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Forge Insulation Question

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Hello, I a new to the forum & trying to learn as much as I can. I am building an LP forge. How does the Ceremic Fiber Insulation stick to the steel walls? do I use a bonding agent? Also how to bond the ITC-100 to the steel walls. I wanted to coat the steel interior first with ITC-100 & then line it with the insulation. I would then coat the insulation with ITC-100.

For the floor, I want to place the insulation & ITC-100 then top it with ceremic tile. Is this ok to do or is their a better way.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

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Are you building a cylidrical forge And is it for welding? If so The ceramic insulation is pretty ridged stuff so it needs no support to hold it up. About the Itc-100 I wouldent waste it by putting it on the steel "put it on the insulation". About the ceramic tile I really see no need for it unless you are applying Flux for forge welding then it would be a good idea because:
hot flux+ceramic insulation= eventually no insulation..... "the stuff eats it like crazy!"

Hope this helps,


P.s. If you need any ideas theres bukoo websites including a B.P. on the web
Look at gos forges at the bottom of the page.

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