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A little bit of trivia


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I was sorting my collection of sandpaper yesterday and came across a few pieces with names that I found interesting. I started thinking about how many company names have moorfed into new ones and/or only had portions of the original name retained.

If there is an interesting company name you know of that has moorfed into a company name that is still around today with roots going back to the days of long past, I'd be interested in seeing it. Of course I'm talking about industrial companies.

I'll start off with these 2

What is "Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing" called today?

What is the "Behr Manning Company" lineage

You old guys will know these right off but I'm betting the younger crowd will be stumped....

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Almost as bad as string saving... but not quite :D

After years of wood, metal working and auction scrounging, I've accumulated a couple large boxes of full sheet and remnant pieces... While I was making a place for my spinning lathe, I decided it was time to go throught the boxes and organize into grades...

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A good lesson in being too specific in naming your company, you don't know what kind of work you'll be doing in the future. Who would buy a video game system or computer from a company called "The Connecticut Leather Company"? Yes, they made those things "in the old days", later "Cabbage Patch Dolls".

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