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New Type of Welding Torch

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Let`s just hope the buyer doesn`t find out the maker just made something that goes boom,followed by at least one larger BOOM and a flying oxy cylinder.
I`m guessing that rig has never seen flashback arresters. :(
I shudder to think there`s actually someone bidding on it.Do you suppose there`s actually someone dumb enough to try and use this Darwin Award in the making?
You know he`s not bidding because it`s pretty.Let`s just hope he wants it as a gag gift.

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Great lesson for folks who can't afford to buy things. There was a time when crafty people could or would make anything they needed. It actually does appear to be a cutting torch, it has a mixer at the bottom and an oxy control further up.

Looks like something you would see in mexico now a days or any 3rd world country

not to knock it if it works use it thats my motto, it must have been tricky to get it working

whoever made it has my respect

I debated making a atomic hydrogen torch, I dont have enough time or the machine for the torch but I still really want an atomic hydrogen welder

I dont really have a use for it but I am sure I can find one like welding 4 inch steel plate or welding tungsten plates which I have never ever seen in person, but i am sure they are around probley in the dumpster at nasa

Now that i think about it you would probley have to have tungsten rollers to roll out tungsten plate.... hmmmm
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