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a fully recycled knife


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firstly a happy new year to everyone! and secondly i love to recycle and am just starting into knives...so i had a couple old jack hammer bits lying around so i took of about 3.5 inches of the end and made a fairly large knife. but as it says in the title everything on this knife was essentially "recycled"...the handle is made from an old maple plant hanger someone was throwing out, jack hammer bit is self explanatory, the hand guard was made from a spoon, and the leather from a broken sling (swing around your head kind). overall i was fairly pleased with the knife except for a couple things...this was the first time i tried the "drill and burn" technique for a solid handle and i drilled just a little off so the blade is slighty crooked :( but i have no more of that maple so i went with it and figured it would be a good reminder for me later...and then the over thing was these kind of curvy lines that showed up in a few spots after quenching (are they stress marks?) well anywho this is my second knife and please let me know what you think...thanks guys! pics arent uploading properly so ill trying posting them again.

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ok so its still not letting me upload but here are some links to it...

To attach photos on the new system, click on use full editor next at the bottom of this text box. click on the button click to attach files and browse your hard drive for the file. Highlight the file and click open. Repeat as needed for additional files. Click the box click modified post to save.






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