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RR spike hawk with a welded bit..

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Just a hawk made from a railroad spike. Etched to a aged patina. Ive used files plenty of times before but I left the teeth on and it made a cool pattern along the welded bit. There are a few forge marks I left there intentionally. Curly maple handle burnt with muriatic acid then stained with leather dye.My crappy pics dont really do the haft justice..

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Thanks for the compliment, I think your making some of the nicest ones also.

Thanks very much:
Spikes make a decent hawk but you have to upset the end of the spike an inch or so to have enough material for a decent blade. Since the spike isnt a very hard steel we like to weld a bit into it. We just split the end after its been upset and weld the bit in before we start forging. Now I will say you can get a railroad spike pretty dang hard by using Rob Gunters "Super quench"..A lot harder than a water quench. Edited by KYBOY
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