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New Aussie Blade-smith


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Hi all.... My name is Matt, i,m from Brisbane Australia.... i,v been forging knives for about 12 months so far... i,v made a couple of beauties, but i still have a bit to learn, as far as treating different types of steel go,s.... so far i,v only used 5160 for my knives.... soon i will be doing a blade made from D2... i,m studied up on how to heat treat it, so all i have to do is make the blade and then put the theory to practice...

I,ll try and get some photo,s of my knives up when i get a chance...


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Go the mighty Maroons, new here myself. Melbourne is delightful this time of the year, the weather is as reliable as a politician's promises.
Many years ago, in England, our metalwork class had a forge and I was quite good (as opposed to most other subjects). Now getting close to retirement, Ive decided to revisit my youth and have another go.
I beg your forbearance, because I'm going to be asking many more questions than I'll be giving answers.
Anyway, All the best,

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