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3d model

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Hey guys, I was bored today, since I'm at college until Christmas I made a 3d model for my forge and "anvil", it isn't very precise, I was just playing around with google sketchup, but now I can send this model to my dad and tell him to mount the rail, sharpen/blunt the pieces on the side of it, and weld a "hardie hole" on the back of it, aswell mount my brake drum on a table like that, so I have it all ready once I get on winter break :)
I am really new to google sketchup, and cant be bored with reading the tutorials online, so my brake drum doesnt look like one, and some pieces on the RR are distorted, so take it easy on me :)

Sorry about the size of the images, i really couldnt resize them, something bugged on the site, so i just uploaded the large ones .)

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Hey its the free version, though I havent done all of the sketch myself, downloaded the rail piece, and modified the top part to what i need, and did the rest myself. So, the rail might have been done in pro, im not sure.

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Heh bentiron, well he hasn't done it yet, but i suppose he will pretty soon :)
He likes doing stuff like that, his hoby is fixing/making various stuff, like fixing cars, electric equipment and similar stuff, and he is a bit interested to see how this blacksmithing hobby of mine will turn out, so its fun for him too :)

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