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John Martin

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Hello all,

I have a two burner diamondbackironworks welding forge. It is a great forge for welding, but I do not need the two burners. I lose a lot of gas because of the two burners. I am planning on modding the forge and making it shorter, and a one burner. I will then have an extra burner.

I want to setup another gasser for just forging blades. So I need to make it super efficient. It only needs to get around 1900F because I am just forging. Should I use the extra burner, or should I buy or make a new one?

Also, I plan on making this blade forge only about 10 inches long, and probably about a 3x3 inch interior. Going to go square as I believe in that design. I want to know how much inswool I should use and what I else I can use to increase it's effciency. Thanks!

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