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First knife


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A friend asked if I could make him a knife. He's Irish and told me the knife is worn on your calf when wearing a kilt.

Made from a very rust pitted piece of leaf spring. I told him I'd made a prototype with the spring material before using nicer stock. That way he's happy with the design and I haven't used up purchased material.


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Your Irish friend might have some Scottish ancestry as well......

The knife traditionally worn in your kilt hose (socks) is called a Sgian Dubh (pronounced Skeen-Doo)

The knife you forged looks like it's the right size and would lend itself well for that use, but it's doesn't look like a "traditional" sgian dubh.

I think it would look cool to have the metal "curly Q" sticking out of your hose while walking around kilted. It doesn't look so much like a knife and some more timid people might not take too much notice of it.

All in all I say good work and keep forging.......

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