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Not sure where else to post it so I figured here would be good.
I've been flattening 1/2"round for scroll ends (91 times).
I like them to flare about an inch wide.
My power hammer just has plough dies in it.
It takes me 3 heats to get the end like I want.
2 under the PH and one on the anvil with the hand hammer. I can do it in one under the PH but I get a more consitant result taking my time and the extra heat.
To get the shape I want I first flatten from one side, and the flipside on the second heat.

Finaly we're getting to my quick tip. So I know instantly with out trying to remember I make a mark on the rod with a peice of soapstone And then every time, the mark is up when the rod is in the fire, I do the mark up first time, and do this the same way EVERY time.

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Here is a related tip on fishtail scroll ends. Flatten the end slightly to about 2/3 the original size and pull the corners out at a 45 to the bar with a cross peen die or your hand hammer - so the piece looks like it has "cat ears". At this juncture, the ears will be pointed and longer than the center of the fishtail. Switch to the flat hammer face and strike the center of the bar near the edge. This will push out and finish the center plus force the ears wider so a nice fan tail is forged with sharp tips. I can do a 3/8 square bar in one heat with a hand hammer to give a good start to this type of scroll.

If you don't do this first step, the ends will be more rounded and lobe shaped - which is fine if that is the look you want but the old classic fishtails are straight across with sharp tips. This does it without grinding or filing.

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