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duraboard questions


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I've built a small forge with the ceramic blanket type insulation and I want to build something new. I have become confused by what I've found on the web about Duraboard insulation so I thought I would just ask a few questions.
Does one inch Duraboard insulate as well as two inches of ceramic blanket?
If Duraboard doesn't insulate as well as two inches of blanket do you recomend one layer of blanket then a layer of board or just two layers of board?
Will the Duraboard deform (sag) if used as a flat roof for a 9x13 inch (inside dimension) forge?
Hope the questions aren't to common, I've just never had my hands on the stuff. I've looked around the web and have seen conflicting information about the above questions so if you've got experience with any aspect of Duraboard please share. Thanks for your time.

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