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first use of forge


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so last sunday i finally used my forge. it was awesome ,at the last minute i changed my design from a central blast (for use with coal ive heard) to a a longer (15 inch) long firepot i kinda copied from the lively design.i realized this is better for heat treating blades when they are done. i let the refractery cement cure for 2 days then cranked up my forge sunday morning. the cement directions say to heat up slowly (actually gave me percise temps to hold and for how long, ha ha ha ha. anyways after i disconected my 9 volt powered hairdryer because it was to slow, i then used a vacuum cleaner and my forge started a series of explosions(lol dont worry just some surface cement) so i went back to the hair dryer for about 2 -3 hours heating nice and slow(directions said heat slowly in increments for 24 hours ,again lol) fire not really hot enough to heat steel yet. so noe i crank on the vacuum agin this time with a valve to open (rheostat its called i think) sweeeeet i have forge fire and no more explosions. cut my 3 foot leaf spring in 3 pieces took one and put it in my coals, few minutes later i was hammerin. so i stared with a kitchen chopper because i figured i might be able to actualy keep wife happy and play with forge at same time.my blade part is done next weekend ill work on the handel/tang.im sooo addiicted ive done steock removal a few times but i wnted to try forging. i really made the forge to heattreat my stock removal knives but i think ill be a forger too.why cant there be more time in the day????????????? ps how do you get an address for sending in pics to this place?????

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