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Oldie (Old Horse)

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This is Oldie (Caballo Viejo, old horse in Spanish), made of cement, mild steel and wood that came from an almost completely rotten log, that after cleaning to sound wood, carving, sanding and staining turned into a nice base. Made in 2008. Measurements :59 x 52 x 27 cms.








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until now I`ve working with basic tools and equipment like arc welding and O/A torch, so it seems other easier-to-work-with materials like cement and wood, have filled a void left by lack of a gas forge and a power hammer. At the time I`m studying how to make a propane forge and a JYH, wich should become a big asset to my low tech shop.In the mean time I may work a little longer with mix media which I love anyway. Thanks. nelson.

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Howdy Bentiron1946,
Oldie is suppossed to be a pretty old horse, and as will happen to all of us some day, we will probably need a pair of wheels to move about, and they too may end up wearing out or breaking off as it happened to Oldie`s right leg wheel...Thanks. nelson.

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