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  1. Thanks for the replies. Frosty, it does make sense. I agree, I had considered some type of plant life flowing in the current close to the bottom but couldn’t come up with anything that worked. I really like the idea of visualizing each element completely to an extreme point in movement. “As I'm visualizing swimming fish I think the tail fin is a little more fluid even in a hard stroke(?) the tips could have a little lag or back bend(?)” Even if I don’t use that extreme moment, it makes me think through all the motions involved. And you’re right, the tail should have had a bit more flex. I’ve used more of a big picture - stop a moment approach but I look forward trying this. Always good to get hear how others approach things. Ausfire and Swedefiddle, Thank you for your kind comments.
  2. Hello Everyone I’ve been trying to add a sense of motion to my work and this was one of those “I wonder how that would turn out?” exercises. The trout are 10 to 12 inches long and the whole thing is around 20 inches wide. What techniques do you use to capture motion or life or reality? I’ve been out of the shop for a couple months and it’s time to get back at it. Thanks John
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    Thank you Stan I didn't take any wip photos. I do have a scan of my sketch but haven't figure out how to get it attached. John
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    maze... sure... how long could that take...

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  6. Customer wanted something "black smithy" in adjustable hooks.

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  7. Thanks for the kind words guys I'm still trying to come up with the final mount design. Some way to use metal to represent a water swirl around its head like it broke the surface to take the fly. Always open to suggestions.
  8. Unfinished

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