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  1. That was the plan, my beat up old angle grinder seems to have passed away so ones coming in the mail but upon its arrival I’ll be removing the body rust and applying the blo and then I’ll probably just forge until the face of the anvil is clean. I’ve got lots of tongs and other assorted tools to make anyhow!
  2. Just an update, I pulled the trigger on the anvil, here it is mounted on my log. The mounted anvil
  3. Thanks for all the comments everyone, as for the ring and rebound test the fellow told me it went well with a steel ball bearing but I’ll be testing it myself tomorrow. As for the investment I currently am in the position while the price is a bit of a financial hit I’m not in a position where it would cause me to miss any payments, just tighten my budget a bit when I comes to eating out. I believe this to be a worthy upgrade because I wish to get deeper into the craft to the point where the hardy hole and Pritchel hole will be good investments. During my few years checking through various sell
  4. I’m looking into this hay budden anvil it’s 145 pounds but it costs $675, I’m located in Massachusetts and it seems most anvils go from 400-600 but usually have extremely bad face chipping. I would be upgrading from a rail road track anvil and was wondering if this anvil would be worth the investment.
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