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  1. UPDATE TIME: Thank you to everyone on this forum who chimed in and gave us your thoughts! Here's what we've done and where we are now... 1. Used a Muriatic Acid bath to take all the galvanization off the metal...that was crazy! Respirators on, gloves on, eye protection. 2. We ordered a new orifice from Aardvark in Santa Ana, CA. Much smaller hole that what was in the burner to begin with and now the flame looks so much better. A FEW NEW QUESTIONS Now that we've fired it up for the first time, we're still learning... 1. I notice that when we put a brick on the bac
  2. Thank you so much for your response! We read through your previous thread and learned a lot. One question: where do you buy a replacement Low Pressure #38 Propane Orifice? I try searching for it online but can't seem to figure it out.
  3. My 13 year old son is building a forge. He reads like crazy and reads everything about forging and metal work. For his birthday, we bought him the raw materials to make his forge and this past weekend, a friend helped him learn to weld. In the process of welding, he built his forge. Now that's it's all together, we've discovered some adjustments need to be made and we're hoping someone on this forum knows the answers to our questions. 1. It seems like we have too much orange flame leaping out of the forge. We have a GACO MR-750 Burner that was given to us. Is this too big of a b
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