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  1. Thanks again! What a great group to be a part of
  2. Thanks. There is so much info here I keep getting lost in what I am truly looking for....
  3. Thanks all for the welcome. I was thinking about building a brake drum forge, so I went to the local scrap yard and thinking “bigger is better” bought a semi drum.... now that I have done some more reading, I am thinking about a side blast made out of a 55 gallon drum. I want to use coal as my fuel source and will be setting it up inside my garage, so thought maybe the 55 gallon drum would work for the hood as well. Planning to get the forge built this coming weekend and hoping to start practicing soon. Question on basic ventilation - can I tee off of an existing vent pipe currently being use
  4. Hello all! As I said in the topic, I am new to everything in regards to blacksmithing. I am currently researching what type of forge to build to start. As I read all of the opinions, seems like it all comes down to personal preference and amount of $ I want to spend. I hope to learn from all of the members here as I do have a ton to learn! Anyone in the vicinity of Atlantic, IA - I am always up for a meet and greet to inundate you with questions....;-) Regards, Chad
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