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  1. I'm not melting aluminum with this kiln. It's for drying 1-2 liter plaster flasks and burning out the PLA plastic investment inside them (less than 100 grams), over the course of 6-12 hours. My btus/hr are about 7000, which pottery websites say is about three times what I need for my volume. My stove-top has no trouble melting 2kg+ of zinc, so there should be no issue getting a couple liters of slowly moving air to the same temperature. For Aluminum melting I already have an effective, if janky, solution in the form of two earthenware charcoal stoves stacked on top of each other. The char
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I'm building a small kiln from a propane bottle. I'm planning on using it exclusively to burn out 3D printed parts from plaster molds, so I can pour aluminum into them. It will need to get up to 600c and maintain a very slow airflow (convection is probably sufficient, or I could install a tiny computer fan) so the PLA vapors can escape. Since I've almost managed this temperature with a large un-insulated gas barbecue, I imagine a small propane camp stove burner will be fine for the well insulated 8 liter volume I'm planning. The ports on the side and top
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