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  1. ok i am beginning to understand the safety interlocks and controls which is what i wanted to reuse are probably not going to work it is a glow plug ignitor so that is probably out as well i may be able to use the blower and possibly tne regulator the stainless tank may be reworked into a shell and insulate it thanks for the comments and help i will think on it some and when the fall comes i may take it apart and see what i have to work with
  2. sorry i missed some of the discussions this is a pool heater designed to heat a 10,000 gallon pool it is 400,000 btu per the model and verified at the web site it is a high efficiency burner with a blower motor on top of the boiler. i know that when it went in they had to put in a bigger gas regulator on tne house to keep up with it the line going across the yard is 1-1/2 inches it drops down at the heater i was planning on gutting everything insulat it replace the burner tube with a ribbon burner to avoid problems with increases temps basically i have a cont
  3. natural gas connected to house gas meter the heater has the regulator, igniter, fan for the burner, and all safety interlocks. those are the reasons i want to repurpose it. all safety interlocks and a fan and burner tube assembly sized to match
  4. i could very easily have tne gas line wrong i know that it is 400,000 btu i will try to read up and see if i can modulate the burner the boiler area is 24 inches in dia (from what i remember) and about a foot tall i know that tne exhaust is hot but not to bad, so i assume that the combustion is complete inside tne combustion tube the top is held on by a clamp to make it water tight, so i could use the top flange as the top of the forge and build a new insulated box for the forge making it as tall as i need to get the flame where i need it if t
  5. So I have an idea for a forge. I have a 400,000 BTU natural gas heater for my pool that had the heat exchange develop a leak. I rarely use it so it is not worth fixing it. It has a ¾ inch natural gas supply and the heat ex changer is stainless steel. It has a blower unit for the flame, and there is a “flame tube” in the assembly drawing. (item 11), I am thinking of making it into a forge. Take the front plastic panel off, but keep the rest to keep it weather tight. I will make the front panel so I can take it off to use the forge, but drop it back in to keep it weat
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