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  1. I am a manufacturer of low carbon ferro chrome - an alloy of iron and chromium with bulk density of 7.15 gm/cubic cm. In my current process, the finished product is generated in the form of a solid button shape slab (or a flat cylinder shape slab) with diameter of about 3 feet and thickness of about 80 to 100 mm. This product is extremely hard (as can be seen from the bulk density) and is very difficult to break. My requirement is to break down the material into smaller lumps of sizes 10 to 50 mm. Today the breaking is done by manual labors who continuously hit the slab with 10 kg hammers to break down the material. This process is extremely time consuming as the material is very hard and does not even break after 20 hits at times and is also inefficient as it generates a lot of waste with sizes below 10 mm which get rejected. I am looking for some kind of an automatic hammer machine that can hit and break this entire button so that the process is automated and the efficiency is increased. While searching online i came across multiple machines such as the pneumatic power hammer or power hammer press but i am not sure what kind if machine will be suitable for my requirement. Could anyone suggest if they know of any machine that would be suitable for my requirement? Any help is highly appreciated.
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