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  1. I get most of my files from flea markets, as well as most of my punches, chisels, drifts, etc. I use them as is or modify for what I need them for, and generally pay a quarter to a dollar each. I have a separate set of really nice modern files for more precision work, but those get used more in woodworking than smithing for me personally. Making your own tooling can be very rewarding and modifying existing tooling can be a good way to get started.
  2. I'm a fledgling blacksmith that's amassing tools to start with. I'm looking to start out with hand tools then going to power tools later. I have 3 lbs cross peen sledge I plan to use and I plan to make tongs and punches. Something I need to buy however is the files. I'm not sure which types or brands to use though. So my question what brand and/or types of tools do you smiths swear by?
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