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  1. Thank you g son, that was the thread I was looking for, and everyone else thank you for your help, very much appreciated. When I finish building my new forge following frostys design I’ll give ya guys an update
  2. It’s not letting me go back to the previous page, it get stuck on loading. It’s not my internet either because it responds to anything else I do
  3. Fair enough frosty, I won’t argue. You said earlier you have a guide on t burners? Can you give me a link to your guide so I can build them? I want to do this right and nobody likes wasting money so excuse me for seeming arrgoant. I would search but I barely know how to navigate this site. Also a good insulation lay out would be helpful, because I think my bricks are inadequate.
  4. Ok, I think that I need more air is pretty obvious. What am I changing? Longer or shorter mixing tubes, bigger flares? Smaller jets.. like how am I supposed to achieve this goal is what I’ve been after.. also forge, how am I second guessing? I simply made a hypothesis on where I think I XXXXXX up.. I already have the design I like, now what about it needs to be different? This is where I’m getting frustrated at
  5. No, the YouTuber I followed was “handy guy”. But in all honesty I wonder if I’m having back pressure issues, also with the fact my burners are in the forge itself. I see many designs and it’s hard to pick just one. Also from what I read is the tuning should be done outside of the forge, but when I run my burners outside they looked and sounded good. I’ll have to cut the top off once more and take a pic. Everytime I light the forge with 3 burners on the whole garage shakes from the force and I light it within seconds on medium pressure. May have to hold off on this project if I can’t use what I
  6. Appreciate the help everyone and the reason I went with three was to reduce heat time, but I guess it wasted more time in the end. And from what o was reading on a link above was I had no secondary source which would be the collars I should’ve put in but instead welded shut trying to save time. I’m pretty familiar with shop tools and what not, but clearly not when it comes to the science of the burners. Latticino the burners flares are black pipe, 3/4 mixing tube, with 1” to 3/4 reducers, only galvanized metal on this build is the fuel rail. When building it everything was as centered as I pos
  7. In order, 1) burner 1 (2) burner 2, (3) burner two with back closed (4) burner 3. I did have burner one and two running like pic one last time I ran it I plan on making adjustable collars instead of welding it closed, because drilling in the pipe seemed to not make much of a difference and ended up welding the holes up a bit because I went too big
  8. I have .023 mig tip in cross bar and as far as c goes, is that the area I have welded through the plate? Where there should be a collar? And will the reducers work or do I absolutely need them replaced?
  9. Big garage door and small door were both open. Garage is separate from house, figured that would be enough ventilation Iron dragon, from what I read In the first link seemed to be very helpful and confirmed one of my fears. I think because I welded the burner tube to the top plate instead of having a collar and suspending it may be my issue for the reason it’s not burning and the co2. From what I understood in the link is that the secondary air source help the burner run safer and not create as much exhaust gas, and since it is welded shut, there is no secondary air source other than the
  10. Big garage door and small door were both open. Garage is separate from house, figured that would be enough ventilation
  11. I took pics of the forge I’ll take pictures of the area i have, also garage is not hooked up to house, I have a 20lb LP tank
  12. I took one out to the garage from inside after I shut down left it there for a few minutes and it didn’t go off, and it’s brand new. But I will have the next to me when it’s running
  13. So I made a triple burner forge, the burner is a linear style, with valves to control one two and three. All is fed from one to the next. They are fixed jets. I used 1/4” galvanized pipe for the fuel line and tapped into that for my .023 mig tip. The rest is 1 3/4 bell reducers with 8 x 3/4” pipe. Both ends have bell reducers. Inside diameter of forge is 6.5” wide, 18” long, and 9” in height. I have a 20lb lp tank, with a 12ft hose and 20psi adjustable regulator. My issue is burner one and two run okay, but they are not loud, flame seems stable with burner number three off. Back is covered wit
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