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  1. Thanks for the links - they didn't come up when I searched on this topic. The hammer I was handed at the smelt must have been at least 8 -10 lbs - way too heavy for me and way heavier than the hammers I use. But that's all that was there. I've added info to my profile. .
  2. I've been hammering for about 3 years - small tools and useful hardware things mostly. About 1 month ago I had the opportunity to participate in an iron smelt - that was a great experience. BUT . . . I was given a hammer to work with that was way heavier than any of my own. After about 7-10 minutes as a striker, my arm was "toast". Fortunately another fellow stepped in and finished the job. That lead me to my question: Is there a good description of good arm / body technique / stance that will prevent injury from repetitive actions? Are there execises that help build u
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