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  1. Thanks for the responses so far. Let's see- I'm in a suburban area. I have three step-daughters and that aforementioned wood shop with a huge backlog of projects, so it's hard to say how often it will get used. I'm hoping to set aside a couple of 1-2 hour blocks of time per week. As for the type of projects I am planning, I am not entirely sure. I want to start out by focusing on skill building. I was planning on finding a small project like a key chain or bottle opener and making a ton of them just to get practice time in. I love the idea of forging hardware for furniture proj
  2. I've been itching to get into blacksmithing for the last couple of years and have decided I can't stand to wait any longer. My garage is already a completely stuffed full wood shop so my blacksmithing area is going to have to be in the back yard. I live in Georgia, so the weather is muggy and hot in the summer and cold (but only very rarely freezing) and rainy in the winter. I have a few concerns with this outdoor setup that I'm hoping someone can help out with: I was planning on building the Essential Craftsman DIY forge. It's basically just some firebricks held together with some
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