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  1. I watched a good YouTube video from George Goehl last night which gave me a better feel to more of a touch_&_go technique with my Butane torch, I was so excited to try it this morning. On my first 2 failed attempts earlier this week, it was in the middle of the afternoon, in my kitchen, indoor temperature was probably 80 degrees, with all the ceiling fans running, I torched holding my pieces in the air with insulated pliers. Watching other videos, sometimes it was mentioned how temperature, humidity, oxygen, etc. can all be factors in the outcome. So this morning, it was cool outside with no wind, around 72 degrees and I thought I'd try it again. I took some '0000' steel wool to both pieces and started over, plus I had purchased a soldering board yesterday, and I turned the heat control down to it's lowest setting (where previously I had used it on it's highest setting). I am very pleased with the results! Here's a picture. I can see I still have a lot to learn, but am excited to have achieved some vibrant colors by using more of a tapping motion, let the piece cool a moment, then tap again. Ultimately, (maybe even today) I will order a few copper sheets, and give it another go. Any suggestions on what gauge thickness for earrings/jewelry making? *I do have a question though, is there a setting I can enable which will send me an email notification each time this thread is updated? Aloha for now!
  2. Oh Thanks Frosty! I think one of my problems is I'm trying to heat-color 14g and 16g dead soft Copper wire which I have hammered for texture. I'm a wire jewelry artist. But I see that in ALL the videos and articles that copper 'sheet' is being used, allowing much more surface area to work with. I will try again tomorrow and not have the flame SO CLOSE to the copper and will attach pictures! Aloha!
  3. Aloha Everyone! I just joined the group from Hawaii. I've been making jewelry forever, and have been an admirer of torch painted copper for a very long time. Last week I thought, what the heck, let me torch my copper jewelry! So I bought a butane torch, watched a couple of YouTube videos and got to work. My copper bracelet simply turned black. But I didn't give up, I tried it again and this time the bracelet turned a deep, muddy, rusty red color. Yuck. Maybe I overheated it. I am going to keep playing with it though... reading this entire thread is pointing me in the right direction. Thanks for keeping this going!
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