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  1. I'll be building it from scratch. I want incorporate tong racks and maybe some sort of table down each side for various tools etc. I plan to put heavy duty wheels on the rear legs so I can move it like a wheel barrow if needed. The main question I have is what's the best height for the opening. I was also planning on putting the gas bottle under the forge on a shelf. Would there be any safety risks with that idea if I shield the hose from sparks?
  2. Hi all, I'm building a 20# lp gas cylinder forge. What height do like to have your forge opening. I've read some posts about having it high enough that you dont have to bend over too much to look inside but I'm 6'2". That will be a very top heavy stand. Im worried about stabilty. I suppose I could put a slab of thick concrete in the base to add weight down low. What do you guys and girls prefer?
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