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  1. Hello, I am almost done making a round mini forge out of fire bricks and satanite. The bricks are 2.5 inches thick and I have about 1/4'' of satanite lining it. But satanite does not give much structure, it is not like mortar. Could I use regular cement on the exterior of the bricks just to hold it together or will the heat travel that far and crack the cement or mortar. Thanks
  2. Thanks for taking your time to answer me, I ended up at this site because I was researching different propane burners and all the Frosty T Burner instructions brought me here.
  3. Hello, I am new here and new to forges. I am building a propane furnace with fire bricks for my A8 crucible. I would like to know if there is a formula for the outside dimensions of a crucible to the inside dimensions of the furnace for running at the best efficiency. Any advice woulld be appreciated.
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