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  1. I wish I lived in the US regarding that. Here it is difficult to get such things. Will look in a specialised plumbing store next time. When I was making some accessories for my grill and needed some expanded metal, none of the many hardware stores in my city had it, many didn't even know what it was. Eventually I found this obscure industrial steel supplier for construction companies that had some left over that I could buy.
  2. So I went to four hardware stores today. Only one had a pipe that was not marked galvanized. I asked the workers there, and they were no experts, since it was only marked "steel pipe" and did not say galvanized they said that it shouldn't be galvanized. It had some anti rust grease on the surface. But it was very shiny/glossy, and did not look like the rough more darker steel pipe I thought it would be, and I don't trust the workers there since they had no knowledge. From the looks, does it look like non-galvanized steel? Back side. You can see the seams
  3. Good to know. I just thought that since the metal colour seems the same on the tip that had been in vinegar (other than dirt and rust), and since it didn't really react much to it, that it wasn't galvanised. But I have no experience at all so thank you for spotting this.
  4. Does this pipe look galvanized or untreated steel? I put the tip in vinegar over the night, but it didn't seem to react a lot (Other than remove some of the rust and dirt? The second picture). I found it in my parent's basement and will use it for my first forge (JABOD). I know that sometimes they do rust some even if galvanized. The tip I left in vinegar over the night
  5. Yeah, I know. Just read that for weld forging it is more difficult to get right temperature with charcoal. Do you guys have links to any information about different kinds of coke? Just couldn’t find any reading material about different kind of coke for blacksmithing, . Anyways, yeah, I could get more from same guy. He had three more 20 kg bags and 10 cubic meter of loose coke. Have to drive an hour to get there though, but not bad.
  6. Thanks! Ahh, I didn’t realize it was such a difference. Just bought from a seller who said he moved into an old house that had been using it for heating. Should have done more research but I only bought two packs of 20 kg for $4 each, so no big loss. Maybe it still performs the same or better for forging than the normal charcoal we use for barbecue even if its not blacksmith’s coke? Not easy or cheap to get coal here in Norway. There are no coal deposits in mainland Norway, so most of it is imported from abroad...
  7. I suddenly got an urge to try if blacksmithing is something for me. After seeing some youtube videos and reading, especially in your forum here, I saw that I could build a simple forge JABOD style to test out the craft. I got a decent amount of coke for practically free, so I was wondering, is coke a good fuel for these JABOD forges? I think I read somewhere that coke works better with air blowing from under than from the side. Any other advice for building JABOD for coke?
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