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  1. Once I get it cleaned off and the forge ready as per previous suggestions, where do I get coal for the forge? (Told you I'm a newbie so hope that is not a silly question).
  2. I do feel fortunate. I tried for a long time to find an anvil for my husband with no success. I came across this one through serendipity. A big plus is I learned all the stories of what was made on it and how much the gentleman who last owned it enjoyed using it many years ago for his hobby of primitive camping. I love the history! I will definitely document it. I looked up the book recommended, Anvils in America and found out it was $80. Wow! I understand it's an excellent resource, but will wait for the library to get me a copy. Cleaning is harder than i thought with a wire brush. I'll probably have to break out the angle grinder shortly. I'll be sure and wear the eye protection recommended. Also, thanks for the directions to set my location!
  3. I appreciate the help! I am currently trying to set my location as some of you suggested, but have not been able to figure out how to do so. I am in Monroe County, Michigan U.S.A. I will gladly show a picture when they are set up. It may be a while though as we are currently battling ridiculously wet weather here and all energies are going to keeping our hay dry. As I was wire brushing the anvil last night I kept thinking if the hay combusts at least the anvil and forge should survive the fire! Not wanting to test that though.
  4. Thanks for all your responses. I know the most important thing is if it is a good anvil. It's just curiosity that is driving me to find out more about it. It's a fun puzzle and i'll seek out Anvils in America. I'll also clean the other side and foot to see what I can find. The man who gave this to me also insisted I take his portable forge. It is nothing comparable to what professionals use but a fun way to start!
  5. JHCC, thanks for the link. I read it so hopefully can stick to the guidelines. If I dont I apologize in advance as it will be unintentional. My husband and 1 of my sons are interested in learning more about forging and i will definitely be directing them to this site. It has a great deal of information! I was impressed by all of the knowledge being shared. I will put the wire brush to use and see what I can uncover on this anvil.
  6. Hello, I recently received this anvil from a friend who knew I was looking for one for my husband. I know next to nothing about anvils and was hoping someone could tell me a little about it (brand, if it's a disaster, etc). I can say the man who gave it to me had it for 30 years and did not get it new. I weighed it and it is 211 or 212 lbs. (Its really hard to weigh an anvil when you weigh 105 lbs yourself!). It has a nice ring and appears to have a nice rebound (basing this off youtube videos). I am looking for numbers but nothing apparent, but as you can see there is paint. Can i use a wire brush on it or something else to uncover numbers or should i not bother? I just wanted to be able to give my husband some information. Any help is appreciated.
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