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  1. No, no, proper charcoal. In Argentina charcoal is cheap, more than hardwood for fuel. Thank you for the advice!
  2. Thank you. Regarding noise, I've asked around neighbors and they are ok with it, or at least they will let me try. I've asked them to let me know as soon as they find it unsettling. And regarding smoke, well, I can get charcoal or coke or even hard wood. Charcoal is around 0.3 $ dollars the kilo (2.2 pounds). That's 3 dollars for the 22 pound bag. Hardwood is a bit more. Coke is 0.9 dollars the 2.2 pounds.
  3. Marc, thank you for all the info. I'm in South Buenos Aires city, in a low house neighborhood, with backyards, dogs, cats and so on. We have the usual angle grinder and other tools sounds from a car mechanic two houses behind ours, so noises are not uncommon, although I would only forge during weekends, so I don't think noise will be a problem here. About the smoke, I have a backyard and everyone here makes argentinian BBQ in backyard grills. I know smoke smell is not the same at all, but i'm guessing it shouldn't be too much of a problem unless I start smoking everyone every day. Regarding the DIY, if I was going for a coal forge, I would do it myself. For a propane forge...i'm not so sure. Gas scares me a bit and I prefer to buy gas related things so I know security won't be on me.
  4. Thank you all. You are right, it's a very vague question. Should've known better. I do apologies. So, let me try to be more specific. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I don't have issues getting neither coal nor propane tanks. Converting to U.S. Dollars, the cost for both is as follows: Coal - 1 KG (2.2 pounds) : 0.9 Dollars Propane Tank - 45 KG tank (tall tank, i'm pretty sure its the 100 pounds tank (23.5 gallons) ) : 50 - 70 Dollars depending on the vendor Propane Tank - 10 KG tank (small tank, 20 pounds) : 10 - 15 dollars. (Yes, the small tank refill costs a lot less than the big one, don't know why) What do I want to do and what do I don't want to do with smithing? Well, let me start saying i'm a hobbyist. I love hobbies and I love crafting arts. I like woodworking and i'm starting to weld as well, and i'm pretty good at it. I've never forge anything, but I like knives and metal weapons in general, although i'm not even close to even try to forge a sword. But I do want to forge knives, both for myself and to give away as presents. I'm not planning to work as a blacksmith and I probably won't forge every day, mainly because I have to divide my time free time between other hobbies, but I'd love to be able to if I'm feeling like doing it. What do I mean with "efficiency" ? Well, tricky question.. Although money is very important, since i'm taking this as a possible new hobby, i'm more concerned about time and space. If forging a knife requires 40 kgs (88 pounds) of coal or 40kg of propane (20 gallons or so), propane is more practical, because 1 tank takes less space than 40 kg of coal, and this would still mean only one trip. One trip to get the coal or one trip to get the tank. Even better if a 45kg propane tank lasts more than a single knife. So I guess my question is, when compared in equal environments (everything else is the same, like, for example, the experience of the blacksmith or the quality of the forge), which forge would consume more when doing the same item, let's say a small simple knife? I hope this clarifies my doubt. If not, please, let me know.
  5. Hi all. I'm yet to start in this amazing art. I'm addicted to all crafting arts and I was going to end here sooner or later. I'm starting to think how to approach smithing and what kind of forge I would like to have, and the following question came up : How much fuel do you usually use for every day protects like knives? Both coal and /or gas? Which one is more cost effective? I ask this because I hate running out of gas when cooking and, I don't know why, gas forges give me the impression to run out of fuel very quickly.