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  1. It really will!! So much more than I need as a beginner! But I am very thankful that it has fallen into my lap. I haven't weighed it properly yet but estimate it to be around 150kg (330pounds)! And that's only the half I have!!! I paid $350 AUD so just over a dollar/pound!! I'm very happy. Working on a mount for it now. Tim
  2. Gave the anvil a clean yesterday. Got an angle grinder to the top plate to level it out. That's a joke. I'm sorry but I couldn't help myself... Just knocked some of the surface rust of with a soft wire brush cup. Here are some pics. Still no Identification marks but am so excited to get it mounted and start using it! Regards, Tim
  3. Dimensions: 870mm long 150mm wide 220mm high Sorry to all the imperials out there.
  4. Hi there, New to blacksmith world and am slowly starting to learn the basic when time permits. Really excited. Definitely been bitten by the bug. This forum is amazing! I have recently bought an anvil, well half of an anvil. Here it is. No identification marks whatsoever. No branding, no hundredweight. Nothing. The bottom half of the anvil is missing and there is no indication of any tong holes under the horn or heel as it appears to have broken off above this point. As you can see in the pictures, it has been welded to a steel plate (I'm concerned that one of the welds is cracked). The gentlemen I bought it off said that it had been in the same shop, in the same condition (I think on the same bench) since he was an apprentice, some 50 years ago. Don't know exactly how heavy, but would have to be over 80kgs. It doesn't really ring to much (probably due the base) but the rebound is great and consistent across the face. What do you think? Any ideas? Regards, Tim