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  1. I just watched a video on you tube, specifically said to use briquettes they were of much more uniform heat. I do know that royal oak gets much hotter. That seems to be my major concern, producing enough heat. What is your feeling on that matter. Enough heat is my concern, would the un even heat matter to me? Not so long as it was higher temp resulting. IMHO
  2. The scale that spoke of, I had heated some files with hope of making a knife,. Ihad read that files were being made in Mexico, Brazil etc. And were case hardened. Like you said the scale is very hard. Which further led me to believe it was the carbon outer layer of case hardening. Which after your mention of the scale, I see that my assumption is incorrect. What is the scale? does it come from the knife? Like rust? Would it change weight of the knife even tiny amount? Thanks for your time. The files were what started my interest in knife making. And they made sharp cutting implement be stretch
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