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  1. Some of the projects from the last week. First attempt at a leaf, horseshoe heart. Broke one heart and turned it into two hoof picks.
  2. My first "commission" for a coworker. She had the horseshoe cross already but needed a way to stick it in the ground.
  3. Thanks Das, It's 100+ year old barn wood from my dads barn we had to tear down before it fell down.
  4. Finally had time to finish the carriage bolt hook project.
  5. Thanks Das! Wish I had half your talent of finding interesting ways to repurpose things.
  6. Thanks Cannon. Here is my second attempt at some hooks. Looking to mount them on an old piece of barn wood.
  7. Needed a hook in the shop to hang up the oxy/acetylene hose when not in use. First time making a hook.
  8. So my searches of the web have not been successful at finding out any info about my anvil. Hoping the experience here will help... the hardy hole is on the horn end. Also has the forging holes through the waist.
  9. Yes they are from Ken's. Pretty handy to build where most of the drawing out work is done already.
  10. Didn't have time to post on Tuesday, but here are projects from that day. 2nd pair of tongs and a hold fast.
  11. Frosty, well clunky (or maybe it was chunky) describes me pretty well I was going to take Sarge but that name was taken so I guess my initials and call# will have to do for now. Or you can just use BJ.
  12. Thanks for the advice Frosty, tried to figure out the header thing when I first posted but I'm just using a phone right now. No books yet, mostly just the old interwebs. I try to be pretty selective about what I see on YouTube. Mostly Black Bear Forge. He seems to be pretty good at explaining a lot of different processes.
  13. Noob here..have been lurking and reading a ton of good info here. Got my first forge for Christmas this year and have finally gotten around to posting here. My first actual project after making a few tools.
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