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  1. Howdy! Based in Bonnie Scotland! I have an electric forge blower and to create a strong enough air flow I have 5x 8mm dia holes in the air pipe which creates enough air flow, so that's covered. The actual air delivery pipe is dia 40mm and is able to be removed once the forge is emptied for cleaning. I have a 30mm x 200mm long slot centrally located in the base of the forge/barrel for the ash outlet.
  2. Thank you kind sir, much appreciated. Years ago I had constructed my own forges and believe it or not there was one specific type that actually did the job but had to be left behind for some other so called apparent "pundit" to ruin. That was using a brake drum for smaller less intricate work. Lately I've been involved with fine detailing but on a larger scale ie gatework for portico's, schools which requires lengthy steel arched framework complete with bespoke artwork on a large scale, obviously these are done in stages and joined at a later stage. On the topic of annealing / hardening I have no problem, just getting my forge to work better, retaining heat longer (I have an electric blower attached to the forge which may ultimately be my problem of burning fuel faster than it should be. Cheers! Hi, Will do, just a note here, I have two ash outlets in my forge 1) outlet for the air inlet/ air supply and 2) ash dump in the barrel/forge itself, basically to rid any larger waste fuel / ash. Cheers! Thanks Steve, Correction to my wording: Standard for my area of expertise, not in a general sense. Cheers. This is an old photo in the beginning stages of construction, just more elaborate now. This works alongside my smaller forge made out of a brake drum and another using half of a 204 ltr drum, so three in total.
  3. Hi, I have used a 205 ltr oil drum to manufacture a forge, horizontally as I manufacture both swords and knives. Apart from having to clear the ash dump method periodically (which needs to be cleared every half hour or so) Is there any other method to alleviate having to clear the pipework so often, as it always seems to block during a critical time of forming. I have the standard T piece below Thanks