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  1. Thanks so much, I would have driven around for hours trying to find the place.
  2. Acctaully I will be, I'll see you then.
  3. 1) I have a friend who i've flying to visit in august. 2) 1X30 belt sander switched to a 1 hp motor. And an angle grinder I acctualy made a Seax for a school project the pictures looked good enought for a 100 but...its was god awful. If i suspect correctly, not enough. I've already sent my membership submission into LAMA, and I've made planes to be attend two of the monthly meetings before August( and then as many as I can after that). In terms of PPE, I've had proper eye/ear protection for a while and i have a half face mask and filters ariving in a few days.
  4. hehehheummmmm proably about 5..hours. I have not even fully planned the size of the blade. i plane on having a full draft of thje thing tomorrow morning all write up. but if i had to guess proably about 13 inch long blade length, 6-7 inches on the handle. Like i said, i'm for all intents and purposes brand new. So its going to be a huge undertaking.
  5. I plan to use 5160. I'll have a propane forge large enought for the whole blade to fit in, i'll be quenching in warm peanut oil. I would LOVE to attend a calss at the ABS school. but I'm working two jobs this summer so it wont be an option. How large of stock will i need to start with? I was thinking 3/8 inch x 2.5 inch stock, then forge it down, but i dont know if thats the right thing to do.
  6. I would like to forge a kukri but the end of august, but i have no expereance what so ever. What steps do I need to go through, or hoops need to be jumped through to be able to forge a proper kukri by that time?
  7. I want to do the occasional welding project. I'm defedently going to spend more time praticing welding rather then acctaully working. I cant tell you what I will be doing but that I have had projects in the past that welding would have made much faster, so I want it for the future...most notebly I plane to make a forge and welding will help a lot with that.
  8. Thank you much guys, I do apprecate the help.
  9. I much prefer books anyway. thanks.
  10. One of the great disadvantage of living in New Orleans is that nobody cares about vocational jobs.There are welding courses taught at schools by outside groups, but none that are free, sooooo finding a class it is....unless there is sombody would would let me apprintice in their shop. However like I said before, not much of that in New Orleans at all. Good idea, I'l see if there is one in my area.
  11. Sorry, it was not meant to be an insult. Thanks for the feed back.
  12. Well.....considering that I'm 16 I don't think facial hair will be much of a problem. but thanks for the advice
  13. I want to buy a filter for when I'm grinding but there are so many diffrent masks/filters/types that i don't know where to start. Any suggestions?
  14. I dont even know what a duty cycle is...to the reading Right, I've fixed the duty cycle knowledge problem. I might try to talk him down, but is 350$a good price for the unit?
  15. I've never welded before in my life and I want to get a machine to start. A used Miller AC/DC 150 Amp welder has popped up in my area for 350$ and is listed as "60% duty cycle"...I just need guidence.
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