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  1. What you described as a forge fits my preexisting forge already! I will have to clean up my old forge, its filled with old cigarette buds lol. it is just a small 5 or 3 gallon galvanized bucket with a 3 inch lining of concrete around the interior, and a small pipe for attaching to a hairdryer. Would that work? I mean, i still probably need an anvil, tongs, gloves, and hammer, and i do have my eye on a nice 2 lb hammer i found. I just want to forge knives, so i do plan on eventually getting a small forge with a burner and everything for it, but that day is not today, lol.
  2. So i would like to make a classic forge, the kind where you have a trough made from the ceramic bricks and steel casing, and bellows, an anvil, etc. Im new at this, so go easy on me, lol. I have so many questions. What is tempering? Normalizing? Should i use oil or water for quenching? what hammer should i get? What's the easiest metals to work for a beginner? How would i go about this? I would like to know any details, as this is my first attempt into blacksmithing. I used to cast aluminum, but i never had a real forge or anything. Just a trash can filled with cement, and a hole in it for a pipe with a hair dryer as a fan lol.