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  1. thank you everyone for your advice. well received and much appreciated. arftist, Irondragon & clay, and ThomasPower.
  2. thanks Frosty. That's exactly why I asked this question. To gain knowledge. I certainly appreciate it. However, I have been welding for many years and have a small shop in Manitoba, Canada, Where I contract other welding from a Machine shop and they asked me to give them a quote so I thought I would broaden my horizon and do my due diligence . As well, I had no idea that it was electric welding so thank you for that as well. Seriously, and with all due respect, perhaps a bit of work on approach might just help a little. I guess we are not all as smart as yourself but again, I humbly thank you. Cheers Thank you ThomasPowers. I will certainly do that.
  3. Mig, non explosive. this is what I am quoting. and thank you for such a quick response. after tooling around on this forum for a while, I am finding it quite interesting.
  4. Cheers to all. im new here and am stuck with completing a quote and wonder if anyone out there can assist. I need to weld 44w steel to a415 steel and understand that it may be a little tricky with both filler and process. Many thanks in advance for any info related to help.