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  1. Well, the $500 budget for a commercial propane forge got blown out the door. In the toss-up between two quality propane forges, the Chili Tabasco single burner won out. The Chili forges are manufactured in San Marcus, Texas. I am Texan and live in Mount Pleasant, Texas. 

  2. The Chili forges made in San Marcos, Texas, are a quality product. Right now, they are being sold at a reduced price. I am going to choose either a double burner Diamondback forge or a double burner Chili forge. They are both rather easily and quickly overhauled. Both are proven products.

  3. I agree with you. We should be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the commercial forges we purchase. One con with the following three forges is the price. I am trying to evaluate the pros and cons of a Diamondback knife maker, a Devil Forge DFPROFK1 (one burner), and a Darren Ellis 8-HT-8x13 long horizontal tube forge with either forced air or venturi burner. I think the Devil is 9.2" W x 4" H x 10" L. When the buyer applies the included refractory kit the Ellis is a tube 6" in diameter by 13" long. The Ellis comes with either a forced air or a venturi burner. The Diamondback is rectangular with refractory bricks and a single or two top burners. I have heard positive comments on the Diamondback. The 165lb. Peddinghaus anvil and Little Giant 25lb. power hammer in my shop each knows more about blacksmithing and knifemaking than I will ever know. I got a hammer that may be smarter than I am. In other words, I will never reach the limit of the tools in my shop.

  4. An experienced metal fabricator will have a lot more success in building their own forge and burner than I would. That kind of experimentation would take up time I would like to invest in learning to make knives. My son is putting a lift kit on his 85 Jeep and he is going to bring me the old springs to practice forging into knives. I am hoping the steel is 5160.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation, the Diamondback is on the short list along with a Devil forge and a Darren Ellis forge. The Devil is model DFPROFK2 at $522 and the Darren Ellis 8-HT-8x13 long horizontal tube forge with either forced air or venturi burner at $609. All three forges are expensive. I usually buy the best I can afford that way there is no or very little disappointment.

  6. Still learning the rules and the important manners. I live in Mount Pleasant, Texas. The house is about two hours east of Dallas near I-30.  I might be considered an advanced beginner blacksmith. I can forge the elementary, like chisels, punches, hooks, hammer, and a Swedish axe with welded steel bit. I am a member of Four States Iron Munchers, an ABANA affiliate, headquartered just west of Texarkana, Texas.

  7. Maybe there is a thread on this topic in this very large web site. Being spanking new to this site, I can't find that thread.  OK guys be gentle, I am completely new to the forging and stock removal methods in knife making. Building a propane forge is out of the realm of possibilities. I have been using a coal forge,  a forged steel anvil and a Little Giant 25lb power hammer in my shop for about 2 years. I am setting up a KMG in the shop at present. That being said, I am in the market for a commercially produced 2 burner propane forge. The budget is $500 including shipping. I have looked at the Diamondback and the Majestic. Any recommendations.

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