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  1. The elders in my family have admonished the younger family members too, "Buy the best you can afford. You won't be disappointed."
  2. Well, the $500 budget for a commercial propane forge got blown out the door. In the toss-up between two quality propane forges, the Chili Tabasco single burner won out. The Chili forges are manufactured in San Marcus, Texas. I am Texan and live in Mount Pleasant, Texas.
  3. The Chili forges made in San Marcos, Texas, are a quality product. Right now, they are being sold at a reduced price. I am going to choose either a double burner Diamondback forge or a double burner Chili forge. They are both rather easily and quickly overhauled. Both are proven products.
  4. The Ellis Forge comes with a thermocouple port installed.
  5. I agree with you. We should be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the commercial forges we purchase. One con with the following three forges is the price. I am trying to evaluate the pros and cons of a Diamondback knife maker, a Devil Forge DFPROFK1 (one burner), and a Darren Ellis 8-HT-8x13 long horizontal tube forge with either forced air or venturi burner. I think the Devil is 9.2" W x 4" H x 10" L. When the buyer applies the included refractory kit the Ellis is a tube 6" in diameter by 13" long. The Ellis comes with either a forced air or a venturi burner. The Diamondback is rectan
  6. An experienced metal fabricator will have a lot more success in building their own forge and burner than I would. That kind of experimentation would take up time I would like to invest in learning to make knives. My son is putting a lift kit on his 85 Jeep and he is going to bring me the old springs to practice forging into knives. I am hoping the steel is 5160.
  7. Thanks for the review on Majestic.
  8. Thanks for the observation on the Majestic Forge.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation, the Diamondback is on the short list along with a Devil forge and a Darren Ellis forge. The Devil is model DFPROFK2 at $522 and the Darren Ellis 8-HT-8x13 long horizontal tube forge with either forced air or venturi burner at $609. All three forges are expensive. I usually buy the best I can afford that way there is no or very little disappointment.
  10. Still learning the rules and the important manners. I live in Mount Pleasant, Texas. The house is about two hours east of Dallas near I-30. I might be considered an advanced beginner blacksmith. I can forge the elementary, like chisels, punches, hooks, hammer, and a Swedish axe with welded steel bit. I am a member of Four States Iron Munchers, an ABANA affiliate, headquartered just west of Texarkana, Texas.
  11. Maybe there is a thread on this topic in this very large web site. Being spanking new to this site, I can't find that thread. OK guys be gentle, I am completely new to the forging and stock removal methods in knife making. Building a propane forge is out of the realm of possibilities. I have been using a coal forge, a forged steel anvil and a Little Giant 25lb power hammer in my shop for about 2 years. I am setting up a KMG in the shop at present. That being said, I am in the market for a commercially produced 2 burner propane forge. The budget is $500 including shipping. I have looked at th
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