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  1. Is this anvil even worth the trouble 275 for it?
  2. Thanks guys yea I figured it was to much air just all I had at time im going to take a hair drier and hook it up I think that will work better right
  3. Well im using 1 1/2 exhaust pipe for airflow pipe and an electric leave blower but I'm using Anthracite for fuel and to light it I built small fire with wood then cover with coal and start blower
  4. Works awesome kind of hard to start but works awesome heated 3/4" to burning point lol....
  5. Hey guys so i Successfully forge welded pieces of lawnmower blade still working on some Damascus for a blade have forged two blades and tried to forge my own tongs twice now harder than I thought now trying blackbear forge tongs that he done a video on going much smoother going to blacksmith guild central va Saturday . I can't wait to finally get started and start learning the craft.
  6. Ok guys new problem I thought I had welded the saw blades turned out I was wroung so I had my steel up to a yellow color and thought that would be wielding temp how can I tell if I'm reaching hot enough temp
  7. No I haven't forgot about the bricks just didn't have them in the picture lol thanks iron dragon . Frosty yes I welded a couple of 16th gage saw blade pieces together
  8. Reach forge welding temps tonight with both burners running awesome again thank you frosty and mikey for all the help.... What would be the easiest material to make my first blade from?
  9. Awesome I really appreciate all the help guys I cant wait to share pics of the future projects I get to forge thanks to you guys
  10. And I thought I messed up lol thanks mikey know I have to finish the second tomorrow and seal the gaps between forge and burner thank you all for all the help will post pics of my future work out of this forge
  11. Ok guys so this is what I got done tonight the first pic is taking almost an 1/8 off of the tip then 5 secs after pic was taken it started to burn like this (2nd pic)