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  1. Ok. I get free scrap metal through a local metal shop that a friend runs and I got a 2 foot piece of 8" pipe from him. I was going to cut it down to 10" since I can't see myself in the next few years forgeing any thing over 8". Thank you everybody for the help and I'll make sure to post sme pictures of the forge as I build it.
  2. I definitely know all about the better quality taps. Im going to school for tool and die so good taps where some of the first things I had to buy. After doing what frosty and Mikey said about reading the forge 101 and burners 101 the only thing I'm not sure about is my pipe is just over 1/4 thick. I know Mikey said in forges 101 it is way to thick but I didn't see why it was. The only thing I could think is that it would be a major heat sink. If someone could help me with that I think I'll be set to start building my forge.
  3. Thanks frosty and I'll definitely dive into those and look into it. I'm liking the ease of the "t" burners even if they are harder to get right.
  4. Thanks frosty. I've been a lurk for about 2 weeks now looking around and I found your burner design and I like it much better then the one I had originally thought on using. My biggest concern is the lining for my forge
  5. Located in West Tennessee. This is my first forge build and also my first time trying my hand at blacksmithing. I plan on doing some basic leafs and other small items to just play around with and maybe make a few spike knives once I'm more confident on my skills. I'm planning on make a gas forge out of a 8" ID by 10" long section of pipe. I have a burner design using a might tip and the design let's me adjust the amount of air to control how rich it burns. There are only 2 thigs I'm not sure about. First what angle do I want to mount my burner( I have it planned at a 45°). The second is 2" of koa wool the only thing I will need or will need to do anything else to it. Any help and/or recommendations are appreciated.