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  1. Ty man. The paint is nothing some paint remover can’t fix. It was painted so I just Cleaned it up and re shot it. Didn’t realize how important the raw metal was to people. I built Motorcycles my whole life and that’s what I used It for. Never did any blacksmithing I understand where your coming from. It was painted so I sanded It and respirated it. The top was just block sanded by hand to clean the deck up.
  2. Ty so much for the insight Hey lou ty. And no the edges have never been welded, there are few nicks and chips on the edges.
  3. Hey man ty. I’m in Connecticut. I’m gonna take a look and see if I can See the numbers where you said. I’ll let you know what I find
  4. So I have had my hay budden anvil for over 25 years, last night I cleaned It up and a buddy told me it’s worth a lot of money. I honesfly would love more on-site on it please, I dont Know what year it is. I know it’s a high carbon steel top, 174 pounds hay budden Brooklyn ny. It does look like there is a W on the bottom of the anvil. I posted Some pics if anybody could tell me more about it. Thank you so much!
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