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  1. I'm just going to order some refractory binder and use the preferred methods of forge construction. Frosty is correct, its way to expensive to "test" in a full forge pour, however it would be nice just to pour it in and let it set around a tube form. I'm fairly confident that i will have enough refractory left over to make a few bricks for testing. The foam generator build is complete and tested, its working great. jwmelvin - I mix the F.M 160 with water and put in the foam generator. You can make 160gal with just one bottle , that's crazy right. I mixed a test batch and covered the grass in front of my workshop that night, next morning it was still there (although not as thick as the initial spray). I'll follow-up when i have more to report. This month is going to be crazy for time. Daughter's graduation, house full of guests, land maintenance etc.. D. Lyons
  2. Yes, I copied that from my notes on my phone. I meant to put in 38.34 fl-oz. But you can round up to 40. 1 pound of water lb wt. = 15.34 fl-oz
  3. This would be a refractory aircrete mix. Using a refractory cement instead of regular cement. Frosty, tracking about the non-resistance to flux. It's what I have on hand, and used only for the burner construction. I would have to use one of the other preferred refractory compounds for a proper lining. We have an HWI in Birmingham, AL. I called and ordered it. Picked up when we went to visit family on the coast. I'm out shopping right now for wood to make aircrete landscaping forms. I'll get back to the thread later tonight. Cheers
  4. So, most of you have heard of Aircrete. The mixing of cement with foam to produce a lighter yet strong version of material. I've researched this and found the right mix and ingredients for small batches. 5gal Bucket of Aircrete = 4.7lbs cement 2.5lbs H2O or 32.8oz 2.1gal foam (Made with Drexel foaming agent) Has anyone ever tried to use refractory cement with a foaming agent? I use HPV®-ESX CASTABLE, from HWI, (A fused silica castable designed for thermal shock resistance) for building my ribbon burners. Its pretty pricey (well at least to me), but i've only used it to make the burners, not as a forge lining. Any thoughts or ideas on this? I might try making a small batch for testing, but what would be a good way to test. V/R D. Lyons