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  1. Oh i totally see it now!!!!. Never seen a hay budden this small before....
  2. So my parents where cleaning out my mothers parents house and found my great grandfathers old anvil. I had no idea he even had one. (Never met him) There are no pictures of him with it either. I cant for the life of me figure out what the markings say on the side. Anyone recognize them? Multiple google searches of those letter configurations has turned up nothing. It’s in fairly good shape. Top is flat and pretty clean of any hammer marks. Edges are pretty rounded. GREAT rebound for a anvil it’s size. I’d say its about 85-100lbs.
  3. Thanks guys! I have a hydraulic press that’s almost complete. Wasn’t planning to work this by hand. Just really wanted to know what kind of steel it might be. Probably turn it into dies for the press as suggested.
  4. Picked up a 12” section of steel off the side of the road. It’s the tip off the supporting tines from a logging truck. Any idea what type of steel that might be? Surley its a fairly durable steel...?