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  1. yeah i could see that LOL. but yeah i was thinking that now here is another question what kind of forge do you think i could get or make, also would you recommend using a railroad track as a anvil.
  2. i guess something along making knives like little projects that i could sell at a craft fair in oder to make a little money but not alot. kinfd of like a side project to make money here and there.
  3. for this one i will say just overall smithing you can choose any thing will work well. im just looking for good opinions. mainly because i am a novice and while writing this essay i am working on it i am doing research so i am doing 2 in 1 money would be propane? how much propane do you use? how big should my propane tank be in lb?
  4. Hello, I am a High school student and I am doing a persuasive essay and I had a couple questions. what are the pros and cons of blacksmithing? what are the pros and cons of gas and coal forges? in your mind what is the pros and cons of the money put into the forges? Thanks!
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