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  1. That´s a beautiful coal fire at your firepot, i´ve never managed to have one like this, the hot spot is always at middle depth and thats my problem i mentioned before. Do you know thw dimensions of yours? And the trays below the forge are a great idea, i´ll copy (¿copiar?) your idea. Well, i hope some chilean guy screw up the system so they send you back here. I have bought some books from ebay, including the 2 volumens of Mark Aspery´s books, and downloaded almost anything i found related to blacksmithing. But there is a little problem with my english, i don´t know some more specific
  2. Would be great to be in presence of a real blacksmith. One of my dreams is to go to the US or Europe to participate in all the classes i could, regrettably for now i can´t.
  3. That´s right. The problem is that i´ve never seen a forge working besides mine, so i don´t know if it´s correct to go with coals above the top of the firepot when it´s too deep, and it will consume all of my limited reserves of coal. Ok, good to know that there are different sizes for different works. Deep pile for the oxigen to consume and horizontal, thanks to remember me this important things. As i said before, i made this new firepot from the information i gather, mainly from the firepots for sale in centaurforge i think, and other web pages. That´s what i tried to do with t
  4. Thank you sir for your answer. My problem is that i made a new firepor for my forge with the measures i found in several web pages and forums. The top opening is 10"x8", and the bottom 6"x4", but the depth has been always my problem, i made a 4" depth but seems to much when i go advancing into the stock (towards my hand) because to heat the middle of the bar i´d have to fill all this volume and more so i can put this part of the stock in the coal. When i work in the begining it´s no problem because i just burry it in the pot. I don´t know if i explain it well, my english is not too good. Re
  5. can i ask you something? by your experience and talking about efficiency, what are the best dimensions of the fire pot, or depends on the type of work you are doing, i mean, a blacksmith has two or three forges with different fire pot sizes or not?. I ask this cause im not completely happy with my forge. regards.
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