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  1. Yes! Lattocino hit the nail on the head with the burner adjustments, I'm pretty pleased with how it's running now.
  2. According to my measurements, I have about a 320 ish cu/in forge, the front opening is 5x7. and that was before putting in Kast 30, so I think it's not a size issure, I'll give your suggestions a try Mikey, stuff the portal pipe and get my bricks sitting better, see if that changes anything. I'm not 100% sure on my regulator, but according to my gauge I am getting around 20 psi out of it, that seems like plenty, yea? I'll also tweak my burner placement, see if I can just get the max outta it.
  3. Hey all, Sorry for the delay, I spent some holiday time in NY and the work piled up in my absence... Anyway... Back to the build. The Kast 30 arrived while I was away, so the first thing to do was cast the bottom and sides of the forge. I did this over 3 days. Giving the bottom and either side a full 24 hours each for cure time. After a cure and heat cycle, it was finally time to start the forge!!!! After running it for a bit letting it get up to temp, I put a piece of 3/8 round in to see what kind of heat I was getting, and there came a surprise. I was onl
  4. Decent idea Latticino, here we're the results: This was adjusted so the Mig tip was as far back as I could get it, almost 1" farther that it's start point. Then I adjusted the end flange to be as far down as it could be. But I started getting blowback on the gap between pipe and flange. So I tested again: This was test 2, I moved the mig tip about 1/2" forward, and the flange a little farther down the pipe. This worked, but I couldn't ignite the burner without closing off the Oxygen first. This was my final test. With mig tip the same and flange further up the
  5. All good info guys, I'll drill that hole and look at drying the rigidizer. The burner has been lit! The results were... Mixed: That was running at around 12-15 psi. I've included a rough drawing of the measurements I feel are important to the formula: As far as I know, the Oxygen intake is way off and my pipe length is off from the respected ratio. The pipe was also getting quite hot most of the way down towards the mig tip. My gut would be to replace the fitting up top near the mig, possibly with a T-Burner design via Frosty, and get the right length pipe, se
  6. Solid info AnotherCurtis, not discouraged at all, only more eager. This burner was gifted to me when a friend realized I was starting to build a forge and I just worked it into my plans. I have not fired it up yet, so I think I'll address that as I wait for my Rigidizer to dry/ Kast 30 to arrive. I'll also have to re-read through burners 101, see what there is to be seen. I'll post flame shots/dimensions of the burner tomorrow, and work from there.
  7. Update from the shop! Went ahead and cleaned up that cement, was a really good choice because it also had not even set correctly, it was basically sand about 1/4" deep. I just cleared out what I could, and inserted a fresh strip on the bottom of the forge, now ridgidize and wait. As for the burner, its a home made one: i used a bit of pipe insulation to give me a cover to adjust the Oxygen intake a bit. And based on my measurements. I'm looking at about a 332 cu forge Ordered the Kast 30.l, That'll be the next step. Any thoughts on t
  8. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I think I'll try to remove the cement, then go with filling the patches. Found a place that will sell a 5lb bag of Kast 30 pretty cheap so I think thats the way to go since I really don't need the 55lb bag I usually see. I'll be back in the shop next week so I'll post pictures of the burner and results of my cement removal for those interested in either. As far as volume I'm not really sure, I never considered it. Might have been a rookie move, but about 90% of the fabrication of this was a combination of what I thought looked right and
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster. Working on my first forge! decided to go for a propane thank shell with a single burner, 2" of Kaowool plus rigidizer. Pics are included: All things were moving along smoothly! Went and built a small stand to hold the tank, lined with Kaowool and got all the cutouts nice and even. Then Disaster: Im not sure what I was thinking, maybe seeing the name "Meeko's Red Devil" so many times on this forum I somehow equated that as "use this stuff" rather than "avoid this stuff" I put about a 3/8" ish layer of the cement on the
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